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2014 Kathina Day Theme-The Spirit of Giving

2015 Kathina Day Theme-The Power of Faith

“Dhamma Earth – A Dhamma Propagation Ecosystem project” Introduced by Venerable U Maṅgala

“Dhamma Earth – A Dhamma Propagation Ecosystem project” Q&A by Venerable U Maṅgala

“Multiplying Great Blessing” Dhamma Talk by Venerable U Maṅgala at 6 Nov 2016 Grand Opening of Awakenings coffee and Tea House.

2015 Nepal Earthquake Relief Mission

2017 Tusita Nepal Himalaya branch

“Important Mindsets of a Dhamma Volunteer”

“The Wonderful Benefits of Volunteering”

“The Way to be an Excellent Dhamma Volunteer”

“2019 Mangala Family Camp —— H.E.A.R.T”

“Pa Auk Sayadaw Dhamma Earth Tour”

“Dhamma Powers In Crisis”

“Questions and Answers”

“Dhamma for Non Decline of Bhikkhus”

“Pa Auk Sayadawji ‘s short ovada (Short English Dhamma talk + Questions n Answers)”


“A Dhamma Odyssey part 1”

“A Dhamma Odyssey part 2”


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