Tusita Hermitage Kuching Kathina Ceremony 2019

Kathina Theme 2019 ☸🌻:”Giving True Benefits, Benefits Regenerate” 💕 Invitation to our Kathina Ceremony Dear Brothers and Sisters in the Dhamma, Malaysia Dhamma Society (MDS) cordially invite all of you to our 2019 Kathina Ceremony in Tusita Hermitage Kuching. This Continue reading →

Kathina Day 2018——Tusita Kuching

Kathina Day 2018 Every year, members of the Saṅgha will be spending their vassa at Tusita Hermitage. By having the harmonious Saṅgha who practise the sīla, Samadhi, pañña diligently, this creates opportunities for lay people to accumulate merits through meritorious Continue reading →

2017 Tusita Hermitage Kuching and Semenyih Dhamma Earth Activities

Remark: Tusita Hermitage is open for public to meditate whole year round. Kindly register online at https://tusitainternational-archive.dhammaearth.org/retreat-2/forms/ Tusita Hermitage Address: Lot 659, Block 9, Matang Land District, Sin San Tu A Road, Batu Kawa Matang Road, 93250 Kuching. T1, T2, Continue reading →