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After the Bodhisatta was born, two fountains of pure spring water, warm and cold, flowed down from the sky, cascading down to the Bodhisatta and His mother. The Bodhisatta took seven steps toward the north, with a noble voice He uttered:

“I am the most superior in the world,
I am the greatest in the world.
I am the most exalted in the world,
This is my last birth.
There is no more rebirth for me.”

Why did the Bodhisatta say that He is the most superior in the world?  In His quest for the answer and cure to the sufferings of sentient beings caused by the birth, old age, sickness and death, the Bodhisatta had accumulated and perfected His parami and in this last birth He became a Buddha, He would show sentient beings the path to liberation, the cessation of all sufferings.  Hence, the Bodhisatta is revered to be the foremost and most respected in the world.

The enlightenment of Buddha, likened to the much awaited rain to the forest fire, brings forth to the world a path to liberation, ending all sufferings. When we perform the ritual of “Buddha bathing”, we should recollect that the birth of the Bodhisatta has enabled sentient beings to purify our mind and eradicate all sufferings. As the clean water slowly flows down from the Buddha statue, let us reminisce about the Buddha, full of loving kindness and compassion, spending 45 years preaching the Dhamma to people of different roots from all walks of life, devas and even people from the caste of slave had had the opportunity to listen to the Dhamma and thus practise and attain liberation.     

Today, in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, we are shrouded in physical and mental sufferings.  The infected have to bear physical discomfort and inconvenience in daily life while those who are not infected are too pressed with fear and worries. With this ritual of bathing the Buddha statue, let us wish that the sufferings of all beings can subside soon. We also wish that all beings can remove our defilements and purify our minds by regularly performing wholesome deeds so as to attain calmness and equanimity in us.



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