Dhamma Earth – 2020 Mindfulness Meditation

🥘🥗🍚🍜🍴Feeling lonely when cooking alone? Not happy when no one eats your cooking? Confused about what to cook every day? 👨‍🍳🧘‍♂正念禅食禅修营 Mindfulness Meditation: Applying Dhamma in Daily Activities ‧ Positive Mindset In Meal Preparation🧘‍♀👩‍🍳 🗓 Date : 06/03/2020 (Fri) – Continue reading →

Dhamma Earth 2019 “Turn Cancer into Strength Meditation Retreat” 🌈🌻💝

🗓 7/10/19 – 14/10/19 🏕 – Dhamma Earth Semenyih 👤 – Ven. U Buddharakkhita and others 🗣 – Bilingual (Chi & Eng) depends on speakers 👨‍👩‍👧‍👧 – Cancer Patients with Self-care ability 🧘‍♀ – Meditation, Dieting, Herbal Juicing, Exercise, Mental Continue reading →

2019 Wesak Day ▶ Donate Blood To Save Lifes

There are three levels of dāna pāramī, namely basic pāramī, intermediate pāramī, and ultimate pāramī. Basic pāramī is the gift of external material things. Blood donation is similar to those of intermediate pāramī. According to the statistics of National Blood Continue reading →