Rejoice in Kathina Robe

The Lord Buddha allows monks who have completed the Vassa to accept the Kathina robe. And thus, after the Vassa ends, laypeople would hold a Kathina ceremony and offer joyously the Kathina Robe to the Saṅgha on the day. The Kathina Robe is presented ceremonially to the nominated eligible monk in a formal Saṅgha Meeting (Saṅgha-Kamma).

It is worth mentioning that offering the Kathina robe differs from other offerings. Other offerings can be done at any appropriate time of the year and at suitable place. There are, however, more conditions need to be met in regards to the offering of Kathina robe. Kathina ceremony must be held within one month after the end of the Vassa (a three-month rainy season meditation retreat) by the laypeople, there must be at least five bhikkhus completing the three months’ retreat at a monastery, and each monastery can hold a Kathina ceremony only once a year. As such, the fulfilment of various conditions enabling the offering of Kathina Robe does not only bring extraordinary merits to both the Sangha and devotees, but inadvertently enhance the devotees’ pure faith in the Triple Gems.

It is rare for the Triple Gems to appear in the world. By supporting the Triple Gems, we can allow more sentient beings to obtain the benefits of the Dhamma. We hope everyone can join in and rejoice in this extraordinary Dāna (Giving). May all sentient beings have the opportunity to accumulate merits, may we go forth to a brighter, wiser future and realize at soonest the supreme happiness of Nibbāna, in accordance to the teaching of the Buddha.

Kathina Robe