“Heart 2 Heart, We are a Family” Parent-Child Education Series 1 First Online Mandarin Sharing

Maṅgala Family Team of Dhamma Earth would like to present to you, the 1st session of Online Parent-Child Education Series which aims to help participants gain the necessary understanding of themselves and their family from various aspects and to introduce ways for them to work together towards building a harmonious family. The series is suitable for families with kids aged 0-7 years old. We also welcome interested audience from all walks of life to join us.

🎙Topic: “Heart 2 Heart, We are a Family”
📆 Date: 18th Oct 2020
🕗 Time: 8:00 pm – 10:00 pm (7:50pm Login)
👤 Sharer: Sister Joanne Soo
👥 Guests: 邱天雄, 陈佩伶, 黃鈺凌
🗣 Language: Mandarin
🏕 Host: Maṅgala Family
🎫 Fee: Free of Charge
🌐 Online: Zoom & FB Live (Zoom link will be annouced in Facaebook)
🌐 Mangala Family FB Link : 👉:facebook.com/mangalafamily

We welcome your participation in the sharing session. Let’s grow together with our family.

Sādhu! Sādhu! Sādhu!

“Heart 2 Heart Connection” Parent-Child Education Series 1 (Age: 0-7) Online Mandarin Sharing

A family is formed when two people of different background and values come together in union and it grows bigger when children are born. Love begins when we start to accept our differences with empathy and constantly reflect on our own mindsets, speech and actions to keep a healthy connection with our family. It is through understanding, acceptance, effort and love that family harmony can be enhanced.

Mangala Family Team of Dhamma Earth would like to present to you, an Online Parent-Child Education Series to help participants gain the necessary understanding of themselves and their family from various aspects and to introduce ways for them to work together towards building a harmonious family.

The first series is suitable for families with kids aged 0 to 7 years old . We also welcome interested audience from all walks of life to join us. The 1st series consists of 3 sharing sessions as follows:

1st Session: “Heart 2 Heart, We are a Family”
📆 Date: 18th Oct 2020

2nd Session: “Walking the Mindset Journey with Our Family”
📆 Date: 15th Nov 2020

3rd Session: “Love Begins at Home”
📆 Date: 13th Dec 2020

🌐 Mangala Family FB Link : 👉:facebook.com/mangalafamily

The organiser will announce the details in the near future, stay tuned!

Sādhu! Sādhu! Sādhu!

[Maṅgala Saying]A Special Perspective

When we know how to look at things from a different perspective, our mind will naturally be broader.

The noblest perspective requires the power of morality, concentration and wisdom. Only then can one penetrate the delusion of all forms to gain insight into the truth, so as to gradually liberate from the bondage of ignorance and stay away from the causes of suffering and suffering itself.

[Maṅgala Saying]Bless You with the Energy of the Sunlight

Some say that the dark clouds in the picture shared among the circle of friends seem terrifying.

Today, I’ll send some radiating sunlight to everyone, hoping it will bring along the energy of the sunlight.

Actually, there is only a difference of several minutes between the appearance of dark clouds and the radiating light.

Many a times, aren’t our lives just like this?

When our kamma is at its lowest and when our mind is suffering, if we can guard the present and the Dhamma as well as endure the moment, the favourable or unfavourable turns in life would probably be very different.

The life of a monastic and the propagation of the Dhamma do have their own challenges as well.

The clouds gather and they disperse. When we know that everything is impermanent, we won’t be overly upset no matter how bad our sufferings are.

[Maṅgala Saying]The Difference of Seeing Things as They Really are

Teamwork is great. A team needs people with different competencies and merits.

Some people treat others gently all the time, giving others convenience. When they face difficulties, there would always be someone to help them out. They could make the people who are tough to deal with very patient when dealing with them, just by being simple, without a scheming mind.

Some people say, “It’s not fair! Why do different people get different treatment?”

I reply: “Unfair results stem from unfair causes. If we only look at the result and not the causes, our mind would naturally feel the situation is unfair. When we switch our mind and expand the time and space of our mind’s eyes to cover cause and effect, then everyone and everything we see and meet will be clear and reasonable. It’s because everything has its own causes and conditions. When we understand this, it would be easier for us to endure and accept the differences of favourable and unfavourable turns in life between people.

Understanding the auspiciousness of “past wholesome merits”, travellers who wish to gain support from meritorious people in their path ahead should cherish the present opportunities to accumulate merits and wholesome causes. No matter what, they would not regard performing wholesome acts to be troublesome.

[Maṅgala Saying]Aspiration

Who is sighing in the rainy night
Sobbing non-stop, making it hard for oneself
Thinking of the game he is addicted to
Wishing he would see clearly and wake up soon

Although the Triple Gem has spoken lots
People are still addicted to short-term obsessions
Thousands and millions of words
Who knows when the conditions of Dhamma would be complete

Who is making an aspiration in the starry night
So genuine and endlessly far
Recalling the Buddha’s ancient aspiration
Fearlessly far, fearlessly slow and fearlessly difficult

The rain has not stopped, the wind has not subsided but
the clouds have gone far away
All that is left is the aspiration to salvage with compassion
Promises, aspirations
Who knows when the conditions of Dhamma would be complete

[Maṅgala Saying]Do Not Cherish the Double Rainbow, Cherish Instead the Present Moment

Life is short. No matter how good life is, it’s just like a double rainbow, disappearing after a while. We should really not let trivial matters distract us from the more important things in life – listening to the Dhamma, a precious opportunity to change our mode in the cycle of rebirth brought to us by gaining the life of a human.

Do we let ourselves float uncontrollably in the cycle of rebirth or do we seize a valuable opportunity and continue our journey towards brightness until we are completely free from suffering?

In this era with information explosion and confusing desires, Buddhist disciples should focus on their direction and clear comprehension of purpose, to ensure we do not easily sway from the Dhamma path.

When we broaden our horizons, we will have a better understanding of how to grasp the current opportunities and values.

[Maṅgala Saying]Dhamma Path

Upon receiving my student’s meditation practice report and well wishes, I felt deeply relieved.

The focus on meditation practice lies in the process. That’s the place where one accumulates causes. If one could let go of one’s thoughts on people and self, gains and losses, sufferings and happiness; let go of the utilitarian mind of not diligently working on the causes yet seeking results and not squabble over trifles with teachers and fellow practitioners but rather focus on the purification of the mind, putting in the right causes and following the Dhamma well, then the present life of a monastic would be filled with the Dhamma.

Starting on a journey, it’s not how long you’ve been walking but whether you’re walking the right path. When you’re on the right path, you will never ask why you haven’t gotten anything?

Cause and effect is true. Wholesome Dhamma practitioners do not blame the results because their focus is on their present mind and present cause, letting the effect be as it is. They don’t suffer no matter what they experience at the present but rather, they are at ease.

We are connected although we are far away when Dhamma is in our minds.

May everyone be safe, happy, healthy, and have progress. May your noble wishes be perfected just like the Dhamma.

[Maṅgala Saying]Learn From the Buddha’s Expression

The most fundamental principle among the skills of the Buddha while he preached, is truthfulness and to see things as they really are, bringing about true benefits.

When the Buddha denied the unwholesomeness, he would put forth the idea of wholesomeness, giving people a direction and a way out.

When the Buddha mentioned suffering and the causes of suffering, he also had with him, the cessation of suffering (objective) and the way of cessation of suffering (method).

He brought out the problems but at the same time pointed out hope that can be realized.

The root cause of problems can be solved and there is hope for a solution (cause).

When we learn correctly, our mind will be bright. We will then not deny everything blindly and forget about the more important constructive contribution.

When both people with positive energy and negative energy face difficulties, the difference lies in whether the person can bring to others positive power.

The Buddha did not only preach about suffering, he preached about the cessation of suffering too.

Hence, the endeavour of the Buddha’s disciples will be positive, joyful and enriching, no matter how hard they are.